65$ CAD (48$ USD)

The Starchild Tarot is a unique and cosmic deck that touches on various themes and styles connected to magic and the wonders of the Universe. Throughout these colourful gateways, readers may awaken to new ways of perceiving the Tarot, and the nature of Consciousness. 

Each deck includes:

  • 79 cards - celebrating the Major Arcana and four suits (Wands, Crystals (pentacles), Swords, Cups) 
  • An array of colourful ethereal images, incorporating a mixture of photographic elements and hand illustrated designs
  • A sturdy two piece box 
  • Cards that are printed on sturdy card stock, with a smooth matte finish that is soft to the touch
  • Antique-style gold matte gilding 
  • The STARCHILD TAROT Guidebook - a comprehensive guide for reader of all levels - including 5+ Tarot spreads, information on all 79 cards, and how to use the cards throughout your day-to-day life. Information and tips on cutting & shuffling the cards, how to read reversed meanings, and additional esoteric keys for The Major Arcana are included.