The Starseed spread contains 5 cards that work together to create a helpful picture of the surrounding energies in your life. This spread helps connect with aspects of your Higher Self, in order to expand your awareness and acknowledge any subconscious desires, emotions, or underlying situations that may need to be addressed. Each write up includes an overall summary explaining the cohesion of all 5 cards. A very motivational, supportive, and gentle spread. 




35$ CAD

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What is a STARSEED?

Starseeds are those who feel a longing for a greater soul purpose in life - this could mean they yearn to return to another world, star system, or higher state of consciousness. With these cosmic bonds to other parts of the universe, they feel a great fascination and love for looking up at the stars at night. For many, there is also a sense of anticipation for a greater collective spiritual ascension. This desire to enlighten or reach a higher state of understanding may be translated in various ways -- through a desire to do something to help the state of the planet, or through creative expression that does not follow the typical ethos of a lower dimensional, fear-based society. 

For many Starseeds, the day-to-day living within the institutions of the world can also be challenging and frustrating. Many of them will find themselves "waking up" with a renewed sense of purpose, noticing gradual or immediate shifts in their consciousness and thoughts. From here, they may align themselves with new life goals, using their creativity and expression to help assist others in raising the collective consciousness of the planet.