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About me

Since I discovered the Tarot at an early age, I was immediately drawn to its mysterious visuals and subtle energies. As I became more familiar with the cards over the years and immersed myself in their study, my readings became clearer and much more refined. I now use the Tarot as a tool for meditation, self-reflection, and personal empowerment. I love reading for others, finding nothing more uplifting than helping my friends, clients, and loved ones through those moments of clarity. 

I eventually found myself creating my own deck (The Starchild Tarot) with images and messages that were channeled from my heart. It is an all encompassing Tarot which reflects my interests in holistic healing, such as energy medicine, crystal therapy, Quantum healing and more. This deck acknowledges both the light and dark aspects of the subconscious while offering positive affirmations for encouragement and love.

I don't use the cards for "divination" in the sense of predicting the future, rather, I look at the underlying themes that may need to be addressed, the energies surrounding you (the querent), and the subconscious or external forces that may be at play. My intention is to bring light and illumination, positive steps for achieving success, and grounding information that connects with your Higher Self and greatest potential.  





What a Tarot reading can do

Email readings can provide helpful and fresh perspectives of specific situations or larger themes throughout your life. They can offer guidance and clarification in areas of:

  • Love and matters of the heart
  • Personal development and career
  • Spiritual growth

When I conduct an email reading, I will send you a photo of your spread along with a complete write-up.

Each spread is created in accordance with your individual requirements or question.

The fees I charge for my readings are based on the amount of cards I draw for each spread.

The more cards you choose, the more extensive your reading will be.

Before requesting a reading, please refer to my Terms & Conditions






My reading from Danielle felt like a breath of fresh air with a very grounding, yet uplifting quality. Her gift of attunement allowed her to access very insightful guidance that struck a chord in the core of my being. She clearly and authentically shed light on my questions. I am very satisfied with my reading and would recommend her to any one in need of powerful and true guidance. Her tarot cards are unlike any I've ever seen. There is so much mystical beauty portrayed in her art. She is gifted as an artist and mystic. 

- Katie, USA 

Danielle's reading was a fantastic picture of what is going on with me at this time. I needed guidance with some issues that have been bothering me, and she was able to bring these up in a helpful and clear and concise way. And she connected some things that I'd been holding onto that needed to be looked at. A very insightful and talented reader. I feel like I will be contacting her in the future again for sure. Thank you so much for your help! xo

Ryan, Riverside, CA, USA


Feedback + Thanks

The questions on my mind were very important to me, so I was surprised to see how it would turn out. I felt very released when I read your reading, and I was very surprised how accurate and personal the reading was. It was an energy boost and for the first time in years I feel hope for a brighter mind :)
I felt tears several times while reading, and especially card 5, The Chariot, filled me with energy, and I felt supported. You also hit me RIGHT on the spot with card 9, Four of Cups – because one of my big issues preventing me from focusing on the present IS that I am worried that time will pass me by. At the end I felt that the entire reading was very personal and I was in no doubt that it was addressed to ME – I felt that I had been filled with Love and Light. Even my wife (who is not that much in to the spiritual world), was very surprised with the reading as she felt it just hit the spot – as she said :)

I will keep the print along with my own Starchild Tarot deck. I’m looking forward to read with it myself – and thanks to you this deck will always have a special place in my heart. You are a very talented and gifted reader, Danielle. And I am thankful for getting to know your acquaintance.

If I would need a professional reading again, you will definitely be the only one I will turn to :)

I wish you a beautiful and sunny weekend, and may love and peace forever be in your heart :)

-Casper, Netherlands



I come from a family of intuitives, so it's fair to say I'm pretty well versed in the process of readings and channeling. Danielle's intuitive tarot reading was one of the most positive, insightful, and heartwarming experiences I've had from a reader. I consider it an even bigger blessing that she was able to capture so much on-point information without having met me or being given many details about my life or questions at hand. I plan to return to Danielle for future readings and would encourage anyone to explore this very loving process with her.

-Dara, USA 


Thank you so much for my reading! I can't believe how on point your were with the information your gave me. There were things I knew, but hadn't really decided to say out loud. You brought these to light. I highly recommend Danielle for readings.

Thank you!

-Leann, GA, USA


This was the first Tarot reading I have ever had, and I can say I was very happy with the information I received. Danielle's insight goes beyond the cards - she noticed and identified things that no one else could have known, and helped me look at some things that have had me stressed for a very long time. I feel like this has helped me in more ways than I thought possible. Thank you so much.  

-Madison, AB, Canada

I found Danielle on Instagram through Elena Brower’s page. Danielle’s Starchild tarot cards were so stunning that I felt prompted  to check into her website.  I was happy to see that she offered readings and was excited to get one.  I chose the Celtic cross spread to get an in depth look into my life.  Danielle’s reading was very intuitive and affirming. Her encouraging words regarding my transformation and journey have been very important in keeping me focused and on track. She provided me with a detailed reading and both encouraged and answered all my questions regarding specific details. I believe she came into my life to help me see the blocks that I needed to work through so that I can heal and become whole. I am forever grateful for the time and care that Danielle devoted to my spread.  I would absolutely recommend a reading with Danielle. She is a beautiful intuitive soul who will help you see the positive and loving blessings surrounding you and help you in working through your life challenges.