Here is a collection of Tarot spread printable files just for you!


For newbies and seasoned readers, each design in this booklet has been created to introduce you to a new topic of reading to explore, whether you use the Starchild Tarot or any other deck. 

I will also be adding to this collection on the regular, so when you are ready to download the next booklet, feel free to check out the website to see what's new in my freebie section. 

Tarot spreads and journal prompts can be really helpful when combined with reading the cards. Together, they allow you to dig a little bit deeper into the nuances and medicine of the Tarot, and the inner workings of your Higher Self. 

This Tarot spread list includes the earliest patterns I used when I was first learning to read the cards, along with the personal layouts I created while I was researching the history and mysticism of the Tarot's lineage and magic. This is only the beginning. I have many other designs and ideas that I will be sharing over the months ahead, so stay tuned to see what's new in this little Tarot corner of the world. 

If you have any questions along your reading journey, please feel free to send me an email at:

Big love,