"The Book of Tarot by Danielle Noel is not just a book, it is a work of art. Harness the power of your intuition with this deeply beautiful, sacred, modern guide to using tarot."
- Rebecca Campbell, bestselling author of Light Is The New Black and Rise Sister Rise
"I have been a huge fan of Danielle Noel's Starchild Tarot ever since I discovered her work, and to have her tarot wisdom distilled into this beautiful book is a dream come true. The tarot is an incredible tool for self-knowledge and self-acceptance, and for making sense of the Universe we inhabit, and Danielle's modern approach and dreamy artwork make it relevant for a new generation of Now Age seekers."
Ruby Warrington, Founder of The Numinous and author of Material Girl, Mystical World: The Now Age Guide to a High Vibe Life
"As a little girl, I discovered my first Tarot deck in a basement somewhere, and immediately felt at home - I felt its secrets and sacred portals. As an adult, I knew that the Tarot held profound answers and potentialities that would put me on my path - yet I didn't touch it, as each explanation I found tended to be dark and inaccessible. Danielle Noel has changed all of that; her ethereal art and her wonder-filled vision are the core of this stunning book, which offers Tarot guidance with detail and intelligence. Her light is felt, and her passion is here to feed your own understanding of the beauty and magic of the Tarot." 
- Elena Brower, Author of Practice You and Art of Attention, Sounds True
"Danielle Noel's, The Book of Tarot, brings the ancient art of divination into the light for the modern day High Priest or Priestess. This book will be right at home on the book shelves and altars of Lightworkers, spiritual seekers and personal development enthusiasts everywhere."
- Vix, Tarot reader, intuitive, and founder of New Age Hipster
"There are few people in this world who whole-heartedly dedicate their lives to researching and understanding the realms of esoteric knowledge from an artist’s perspective. I’ve had the pleasure of watching Danielle extend into her passion for these subjects with grace, curiosity, and openness. She is the kind of writer many of you have been searching for – an expert who has translated the most intricate details of the tarot into a purposeful, inclusive offering for all to experience. "
- Sylvia Mercedes Tennant, columnist and writer at Niche Magazine, and CEO of ZALESKA

"I love Danielle's take on the tarot.  She is so masterful at overlaying many different traditions and systems into a beautiful, accessible way.  Throughout my community, I have seen how the pastel, shimmering, symbolic world that Danielle creates through her designs, brings this ancient wisdom into the hands of many who would have otherwise not have been drawn to it.  I love how she specifically speaks to starseeds, lightworkers, and mystics - people who have been hiding their magic for centuries due to previous persecution.  Through her work, Danielle creates a space for these people to come home, a place where they feel seen, safe, and invited to let their own shimmering magic unfurl.  I know from personal experience how empowering and activating Danielle's work is, and I'm so excited for it to be reaching so many more people through this book."
- Rachael Webb, Spiritual Business Mentor & Sound Healer @soulstarmedicine

"Seeking answers in love and life? Aren't we all! The Book of Tarot is a practical and magical guide to taking your curiosity with tarot to a new found confidence. Danielle Noel is a gentle guide with a wealth of wisdom who takes the stigma out of this valuable spiritual practice. A must read for modern mystics wanting to explore the realm of tarot." 

- Emma Mildon, Author of The Soul Searcher's Handbook


"I absolutely adore Danielle Noel's work and have loved working with The Starchild Tarot as my personal deck for more than a few years now.. This book is an exquisite & deeper reflection of her incredible intelligence around the Tarot. It deepens anyones understanding of Tarot as a whole subject matter regardless of the deck being utilized."

- Natalia Benson, Resident Astrologer,, @natalia_benson

“Danielle effortlessly explains the symbolism and message behind the tarot in a way that’s actually relatable and light. She doesn’t water any of the concepts down, instead she guides the reader through their own experiences that help them connect with the cards.  Instead of framing the tarot as something that tells our future, The Book of Tarot asks us to view ourselves in the cards, inviting us to learn about our highest truths in a non-intimidating way. Whether or not you work with the Starchild Tarot, this book lays the groundwork for a life-long exploration of the tarot. It also makes it easy to work with the tarot as an energetic tool that can be combined with other energy work or magick, making it in an invaluable resource.” 

Gabriela Herstik, columnist & writer of Ask a Witch - Nylon


"Danielle writes about the tarot with the same effortless beauty in which she created the Starchild Tarot. Clarity, precision, and accessibility meet the esoteric, profound and magical in The Book of Tarot in a way that is entirely her own. A perfect companion for people looking for a more in-depth understanding of Danielle's deck and a shimmery, welcoming invitation into cartomancy for those coming to it for the first time."

- Bakara Wintner, Author of WTF is Tarot? and owner of Everyday Magic


"If there is just one word to describe the Starchild Tarot deck it would most definitely be breathtaking; the artwork is modern and ethereal! While most tarot deck booklets vaguely describe what each card represents, The Book of Tarot is thoroughly articulated and creatively designed for even the amateur tarot reader to understand. From newbie tarot dabblers to experienced witches, I believe this book needs to live in the library of every goddess."

- Angel Quintana, founder of Holistic Fashionista


"Danielle and the work she brings to life is such a unique offering, blending together sacred and stunning imagery with deeply stirring intuitive wisdom. Made for the spirit-bound, magic-seeking, wandering soul, the Starchild Tarot goes straight to the heart with epicly authentic creativity directly from Danielle's radiant dedication to her gifts! We cannot recommend the insight of this book enough!" 

- Paula Pavlova, co-founder @ GAIA Collective


"Divine beauty and insights on every page. Danielle weaves together an eye-opening depth to many layers of meaning within her unique deck and the Tarot in general. What a gift to share her knowledge & wisdom with the world. This book inspires and empowers in a spiritually uplifting way - in harmony with All That Is, and all that could be. Such a work of art and great resource for study or reference." 

 - Lauren Luquin, Author of Astrology of Herbs & Tarot


As the newest addition to The Starchild Tarot, I have created an easy-to-read guide for newbies and seasoned readers - and this book can be used with ALL decks:

This 192 page book comes in a hardcover, full-colour format, with illustrations of all 79 cards of The Starchild Tarot - Akashic, complete with information on:

  • How to read the Tarot
  • Reversed meanings
  • How to handle and cleanse your cards
  • Your Higher Self and Shadow Self
  • Full descriptions of all 79 cards, including astrological and gemstone correspondences of The Major Arcana
  • Introductory Tarot spreads along with a link to further print-out's of spreads and journal prompts for you to explore (and more)!