It is such a pleasure to see so many incredible images being taken by readers of The Starchild Tarot. Here are some snapshots from members of the Tarot community. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.                       


Danielle     xox 

Experiences with The Starchild Tarot

The Starchild Tarot is one of my most treasured possessions. Since Danielle first launched her initial Tarot deck in 2014, I was a bit worried that I wouldn't like this newer version as much, as the images of the first were so beautiful and captivating (I missed out on buying the first edition even though I had been stalking her art locally since 2013). But the Akashic deck is something that I cannot imagine living without. It is beautiful, and it is not just a Tarot deck. It is altogether something else. I am a yoga instructor and mindfulness coach, and these cards have become a part of my own practice with my students and clients, and they will always gravitate towards using her deck when we are working together. I also love using Danielle's guidebook at the end of my teaching sessions, as her words are so helpful for bringing my lessons to a close, with some very beautiful insights. I am now anxiously awaiting the printing of her new Moonchild Tarot, which I think will bring even more new thoughts and reflections for myself and the people I get to work with. I know many of them are equally as excited as I am. So looking forward to everything she will be creating in the future!

- Marlene Buchann


The Starchild Tarot and Starchild Akashic are the highest vibe Tarot decks I've come across in my journey. These decks have the ability to transcend barriers of time and space and are wonderful for karmic and past life work as well as connecting with galactic beings and energies! I love using these cards in sessions with clients, especially when working with other Lightworkers, earth angels or star souls. As a Lightworker and Starseed myself, using these incredible decks can only really be described as coming home.

- Vix (New Age Hipster)Website:



Though the Starchild Tarot deck has only recently come into my life, it has already made a lasting impression. The imagery Danielle has curated to create this Tarot deck evokes deep feelings and heightened spiritual connection. In using the cards in my daily practices, I have found that the Starchild Tarot begs one to connect with their higher selves and intuition. Each card is a little piece of artwork designed for every mystical intuit, creative soul, spirited daydreamer and heartfelt believer of magic.

- Kim

For me, working with the Starchild Tarot means working with touchable high vibe Energy. It lets me re-connect with the purest vibes of creation and gives me the chance to dive deep into the unseen, helping me in making my knowings, visions and dreams palpable.

It has really become such an important tool for me to meditate, contemplate with and ask for guidance. It always helps me to clarify the challenges in life and I love working with them when reading for clients. They are so humble, yet spot on and carry a strong Light-Energy in them. I just love the energy signature of the Starchild Tarot, because it really resonates with me.

Can't wait to get the Moonchild Tarot in my hands :)

- Melanie Picardo - Germany -

I hesitated at buying the deck at first, because I usually don't like photographs of people, but the artwork is so beautiful, and once I found out that the models were actually light workers themselves, I thought what the hell, and bought it. I'm so glad I did! It arrived at the beginning of 2016 and I was in awe. Now, 2016 was (is) a tough year for most people. My first time using the deck was to draw one card to comfort myself after my idol, David Bowie passed. It was the four of swords. I felt an immediate connection to the cards, and thus began our relationship. I've used the deck in many spreads since then, especially quarterly seasonal life spreads.

The cards have a gentle and wondrous wisdom to them that gives me a singular sensation of being cupped in giant hands and whispered to by something much greater and vaster than me. They are fortifying without being fluffy. In contrast, I have some decks that are very blunt with me and tell it like it is, and sometimes it feels like a blow (and sometimes I need that). The Starchild deck is not only honest and straightforward, but also kind and gentle. It never lands a blow without turning you around to face the light and showing you how to absorb the healing message. I keep saying it's gentle. Gentle and wise are my top adjectives for this deck!

Incidentally, it taught me how I should read reversals.

This deck is my buddy. I always go to it when I'm feeling a bit raw and ragged and needing very deep insight delivered in a kind way.

- Meia Glick

I love my Starchild Tarot Akashic edition. I ordered the starseed box & it's beautiful! The deck is the most magical deck I've ever owned, I can't get over how beautiful it is. The cards are probably the nicest quality out of all the decks I own. The box is great quality & the guidebook is lovely, I love each cards descriptions, they are perfect, even for me, as I am still learning tarot. I waited for this deck to come back in stock & as soon as it did I purchased it & am extremely happy with my purchase. I strongly recommend this deck to anyone whose drawn to it, no question.

Thank you again Danielle for creating this magical deck!

Much love,

- Felicia xx


The Starchild Tarot is not just a deck of cards. It becomes a part of you. I have used cards over the years and they have always held my interest, but this deck is different. The artwork speaks with me in ways that I have never experienced before. I feel like they know me, and I like to spend time with them each day! My 3 year old also loves to look into the pictures (I sometimes tell stories to go along with them for him, and he just loves that!) Thank you for your beautiful creations, Danielle. You are bringing a light into this world, and I can't wait to see what else you create in the future.

- Magdalena Burnett - USA

How do I put into words how much your tarot deck has changed my experience within the tarot realm? Finding words to measure the amount of joy and magic this deck brings to my heart is impossible! I love it completely!!!

Not only is it a beautiful collection of mysterious and alluring characters who I want to befriend, but it is a magical spiritual tool that allows me to connect to my inner intuition with such ease. As soon as I touch the deck, I'm taken over with its magical energy and I'm pulled into the scenes of each card as I draw them one by one.

It is beautiful royalty of any deck collection; its a total masterpiece and I recommend it to any person who enters a spiritual journey of any kind! Starchild Tarot will always be my favourite! 💜

- Hayley Clayton

The Starchild Tarot cards are the most beautiful tarot cards I have seen! When I first saw them online I completely resonated with the name and knew I had to have these. The artwork, colours and images are stunning and they have a gorgeous matte gold finish on the edges. The information in the book is wonderful, it has so much in there. I love how it relates each major arcana card with crystals, sacred geometry, astrology and guides. I highly recommend these cards.

- Penelope Dudgeon - Australia

Thank you so much for this WONDERFUL deck! I felt my vibration lift as soon as I touched my cards. They transport you into an ethereal world where you feel guided by the images and your own intuition. I am just beginning my tarot journey and I reach for this deck multiple times a day. Such love and care went into each card. You can feel the network of connection between you, those presented in the images, and Danielle herself 💖💖 I'm eternally grateful !! Xoxo

- Alexis Blum

When I first stumbled across Starchild Tarot online, I think my jaw actually dropped....I may have let out a little squeal! I immediately decided to order the deck, but alas, it was (of course!) sold out. I knew I had to call this beauty mine, so I started checking the Starchild website and Instagram account daily.... and a few weeks later, I saw the announcement that  it was being re-released! You can bet I jumped right on that preorder! 

When the deck arrived, it was even more lovely than I had hoped. This deck is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. The images are so dreamy, the colors are the perfect shades of pastel, and the edges of the cards are gold. UGH. So pretty.

I spent some time getting to know the deck and reading through the guidebook, which is also fabulous. I cleansed the deck with sage and put a little intention into each card by studying each one, and then shuffling them. Since this is the Akashic deck, I also burned my Ancestor crystal candle to connect with and access that wisdom.

For my first reading with this deck, I used the Akashic Spread from the guidebook. The reading was SO spot-on! With other decks, it can take a while for me to really connect with the cards and be able to interpret their messages, but not the Starchild! I instantly felt very connected to the imagery, and the reading was straightforward and easy to interpret. All of the cards worked together and reinforced the messages I was given, giving me a clear picture of what I need to release in order to step into my highest Self. 

Thank you so much for this beautiful creation! 

- Veronica Woodlief


Where do I begin... The Starchild Tarot has been an amazing addition to my life. That is no exaggeration at all. To the touch, the energy is magical and when I hold it in my hands I can feel the divinity of the cards. One of my favorite things about the deck is that the images are based off of real, human people! The imagery draws you in immediately and doesn't let you go. The cards themselves are made of very high quality cardstock which stands up to daily/hard usage and shuffle like butter. And the gold trim is absolutely beautiful! I believe this deck to be one of best priced decks I've seen (and own), you definitely get more bang for your buck. The two piece box is very heavy duty as well. I love that it comes with a detailed guidebook with beautiful writing, as a lot of self-published decks sell their books separately. I'm usually pretty frugal and have to think about my purchases for a while, but when I saw the deck I bought it immediately and that has only happened one other time. I would classify Starchild as one of my most prized posessions. To me, it is so special. It sleeps in bed with me and it has its own "belongings", if you will.

As for Danielle, the creator, she has been of great service and has come up with something that is truly unique. There will never be another deck like Starchild (besides Moonchild). The magic it holds, and the energy it radiates is irreplaceable. I thoroughly thank her for bringing this baby to fruition and for bringing this magic into my life.

(Favorite cards are *2 of crystals*, 6 of wands, sun, moon, starseed)

Starchild first edition is number one on my wishlist and I've been searching high and low for it for months. I am hoping to see produced again inthe future. As for the second edition smaller, borderless Akashic, I will be buying that one as soon as pre orders are available!

100/10 for this deck. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking into their higher selves and for a magical connection to the tarot. You will recieve nothing but love, light and spiritual support from this deck.

Danielle, I am stricken with gratitude for your creativity and magical eye. You are one of a kind, just like your deck. ♡

Love, light & many blessings,
Amanda Sargeant