Since July 23rd, I’ve been feeling a bit tense! Even though this most recent New Moon marked a jumpstart phase of action and change, leading into the next New Moon, Leo solar eclipse on Aug 21st, we may still feel some deep activations and heartstring pulls, until then. This fiery Leo energy is full of passion, sparks of inspiration, and initiations that will ultimately anchor and cultivate new downloads for us to absorb over the next short while. We are being asked to step up and speak our truth while also being mindful our greater soul connections with those around us. 


Two new moons in this sign triggers a lot of power, and it is potent, potent, potent! How we choose to shift and move through this next phase will either give us the strength to hold ourselves up, or cause us to unravel a bit more from the inside out as we process everything. But don’t fret! Both directions lead to positive outcomes, as we learn to release the weight that has tied us down for far too long. 


We are moving out of a time of emotional shifts and watery, sensitive dramas. 


With the Eight of Cups combined with this lunar phase, some of us may be holding onto thought patterns, attachments, or fears from our past, even though we can simultaneously envision a brighter future ahead. It’s to the point where we may even be fantasizing about our next steps, our hopes, our dreams, our concrete plans, as one last challenge or deeper insecurity seems to get in the way. 


This cosmic portal may feel as though you are stepping into an endless abyss, even though you are poised and ready to leap forward - just have faith that what lies beneath will catch your fall, and support your greater journey. From here, you can finally let go of the burdens and baggage, and swim freely towards the shore. 


Moving into the Five of Wands - this card tends to show up when some kind of struggle is occurring in your life, whether you feel as though you must stick up for yourself, or when there are surrounding ideas or values that clash with your own. As of late (I've noticed this big time) it may seem as though many people are jumping to conclusions, speaking frankly without resolve, or making assumptions without receiving the proper information first. Ouch! This can ultimately blow up in our faces if we aren’t careful, as the fiery sign of Leo tends to create short fuses and curt, biased observations. This is not the time to make blind assumptions. Now more than ever, it is important to honour your heart and make your priorities clear. This card is not about teamwork, but personal goals and ambitions. Don't let the naysayers get you down - only you know the inner workings of your heart. 


The Five of Wands moves from the energy of the Eight of Cups and transforms into the power of The Emperor, prompting us to hold our own space and be strong in our convictions while being mindful and careful of how we choose to communicate with others. Working from a place of love instead of fear or judgement can be good medicine, in this case. 


After we have picked up the pieces, The Emperor points to being able to strategize and plan ahead, perhaps in the guise of time management, and structured routines and responsibilities. It also encourages us to take stock of our state of mind and powers of discernment. If you are experiencing stress due to external influences in your life, now may be a good time to maintain your focus on the task ahead and reassess how you are processing your thoughts.


Very often when our minds are buzzing with clutter, our external world can end up being a bit chaotic and draining. This is when the energy of the Eight of Cups is ready to be released. As we learn to let go of what no longer serves us, The Emperor asks us to step up and be confident in who we are, with the Five of Wands, now ready and willing to shine through. Again, The Emperor encourages us to take back our power and to distinguish thoughts and actions that are damaging or aggressive from those that are nurturing and positive. From here, we can begin to create order out of chaos, and be systematic with our plan forward. 


And finally, The Strength card plays out a gentle, yet affirming end to this story. How we choose to navigate through the upcoming challenges, shifts, moments of illusion, and cosmic changes within our energy fields (and the world at large) can bring on a lot of fire and activation. Let’s use this time to be diligent and gentle with how we process our thoughts, our words, and our actions.


If we can tame our wilder traits, we can come to a comfortable symbiosis of love and greater spiritual awareness. Our plans will flow smoothly, we will be gracious and humble, while also being powerful and confident in who we are. Remember, it is important to treat others with compassion, love and kindness, as Strength also comes from being mindful of how we choose to interact and communicate with the people around us. This is a great time of change and heart chakra activation - it is asking us to step into our higher power, our spiritual truth, while also celebrating and appreciating the loving connections in our lives, and our soul's deepest callings. 



Much love,