Tarot reading report featuring The Page of Swords.❤️

With the tumultuous energies of this current cosmic & lunar phase, I’m sure a lot of us are finding ourselves in those familiar moments of saying “damn this retrograde!” - but do not fret! As we reflect on the optimism and strength of the Page of Swords, we may also acknowledge that there is still a lot to learn and unleash over this next short while (which is perfectly fine). Moving through the challenges transmuted throughout this past New Moon and current phase means you are more than due for an inevitable renewed sense of vitality on the horizon! Things are looking good!

After climbing that final mountain, it will be time to move forward with any plans you may have been putting off or contemplating, regardless of the thoughts or views of those around you. The Page of Swords in this case represents the beginning phase or initial steps of a new project or adventure. With this first chapter also comes a naive sense of optimism, and certain risk taking which is sometimes necessary in searching for the truth. You will be able to peer through veil of the world around you, observe the uncanny synchronicities that continue to unfold, and decide what is ultimately real in the end. 

Do not be afraid to take a leap into the unknown - you have every right to live up to that inner child who still exists within you, who remembers what it feels like to jump in head first, and see through those familiar rose-tinted shades. This truth means more than searching for financial growth, comfort or stability - it connects back to what makes your whole experience on this pale blue dot authentic. You may once again find yourself contemplating the whole point of it all, and how your bigger picture really is something otherworldly, altogether. You are magic - never forget it

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