Blessings on this transformative summer of 2015!

Thank you to everyone who has reached out over these past five months since the initial launch of The Starchild Tarot. It has been such a wonderful experience connecting with you all through the images I have been able to create and share. I feel truly blessed. 

I wanted to give everyone an update on the status of the second edition of the deck. This has been a long process since its first incarnation, and in many ways, there will be some new changes, additions, and essentially, a continuation of visual storytelling.

Here are the two box designs that will be available for purchase. Which one do you like best? 


There was SO much more that I wanted to pour into this next deck, that I often found it overwhelming to decide how I was going to express the ideas that were constantly filtering through my mind.

How was I going to touch on all of the topics that I thought were so pertinent to this time in our Universe? How would I connect to the ancient visual representations that have been returning to our collective unconscious?

I suddenly found myself faced with daily synchronistic occurrences - ideas were being discussed, books were falling into my lap, and particular words were echoing throughout conversations with friends, strangers, and the world at large. 

I was completely full of gratitude for the clues I was receiving. 

I have decided that this next deck is going to be a continuation of the themes that have been so close to my heart throughout this process of creating a spiritual tool for awakening.

Some cards will remain within the deck, while others will reincarnate into their next adaptations. I hope you enjoy the new visions that will be showing up. I am going to delve a little deeper into the cosmic symbolism, the ancient mystery school topics, and will also be adding a new category of "Spiritual keys" to the Major Arcana cards. 

These will be key words that refer to outside topics that I believe are also relevant to each card, and can be used for further investigation. These will be listed alongside the regular "keywords/additional meanings" that come with each definition.

For example,

The Magician will include:

Spiritual Keys: 

(Chakra): Crown Chakra

(Gemstones): Watermelon Tourmaline, Lumerian Quartz, Moldavite, (and more)

(Astrological): Mercury, Sirius

 (Symbols): Metatron's Cube, The Seed of Life, Ouroboros, The Caduceus

(Guides): Thoth, Metatron, Enoch, Hermes, Quetzalcoatl, Enki, Zarathustra, Merlin

(Time, Space & Texts): The Hall of Records, The Akashic Records, The Emerald Tablets, Golden Atlantis

The reason why I have decided to add all of this information, is because these themes are always present in my mind as I create the cards, regardless of whether or not the imagery touches on ALL of these keys visually. I am always researching these topics, discussing them with my partner and close friends, and more than anything I FIND THEM FASCINATING!! 

In some ways, the Spiritual Keys will provide a bit more background knowledge to the cards themselves (mind you, I cannot stress enough that these are added elements to the traditional highlights [which will still remain preserved within the inherent meanings]), while also giving you (the reader) a bit more to look into.

You might find that some of these topics will come up unexpectedly throughout the day after you read a particular card. Think of them more as spiritual breadcrumbs, to help illuminate a path for more insight and knowledge. 

Some cards may have a bit more information than others, or specific categories that fit within each card. More than anything, I wanted to create a deck that had it all. My love for the esoteric and ancient connections to magic and healing, the history that I find fascinating about our origins and spirituality, and the symbols that show up, time and time again, that have been ever present throughout the ages, up until this great time of transformation and significant Earth changes. 

Many thanks for coming along this journey with me - into the stars, cosmos, and worlds beyond. 

xoxoxo Danielle


SERENITY (A.K.A. - The Hermit)

What a time to be alive! This card comes as a reminder to us all that it is still important for us to connect with source, our Higher-Self, and the sweet synchronicities that show up each day! Traditionally the Hermit relates to spiritual values, and ponders the great mysteries of the Universe, while also acting as a counsellor and guide to the people around them. This is the sort of embodiment that can only come from deep contemplation, detachment from materialism, and an understanding of the powers of the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Serenity bridges the gap between being grounded and elevated, and asks us to make time to relax, look within, and think about how we are using our time to spiritually grow and ascend.

Sometimes it is also necessary to step back from all of the chaos and noise, in order to check in with ourselves. At this time, Serenity reveals that the quest for spiritual knowledge is, or will become more relevant as we journey forward. This may have to do with priorities shifting, relationships dividing or evolving, and unexpected ideas or visions suddenly coming into play. This card also denotes a search for specific information, possibly the unveiling of some kind of truth that has been dormant within us.

Serenity also connects with the divine guidance that always surrounds us. When we look to it or utilize its power, very often we may find ourselves ignoring the pressures and distractions of the social world.

It's that little voice inside of us that reminds us to "slow down!", "turn off the TV!", and "go outside and enjoy the beauty of Nature!".  This voice may also begin to say things to you like: 

"you might not want to eat that - you know its not healthy", "why do you spend time with people who make you feel unhappy," or "you need start learning to love yourself more."

The simple act of self-love is essential to our health and overall serenity, :) so making time to for meditation, introspection, and fun should become a part of our daily routine. From here we can align ourselves with choices that help us feel happy and fulfilled, and our relationships will thrive in a whole new light. 

As the wonderful and wise Louise Hay would say:

Notice what you are thinking at this moment.
Is the thought negative or positive?
Do you want this thought to be creating your
future and your infinite possibilities?
Just notice and be aware.

Monthly Reading from psychic medium and intuitive advisor, Alexis Jones

Peace be with you all and may love and light surround you.  

Dear ones, you have the power to change anything in your life. Yes, anything. Tapping into your potential to turn your dreams into reality, is alchemy at its best. All that you see in your life, started from a thought that was then executed into existence by trial and error.

Understanding this truth can provide you with the strength and courage to begin creating a life that is tailor made to your liking. For the month of July, you are being encouraged to really look at your thoughts.

Are you someone that focuses on problems or solutions? Do you believe that you will succeed, or do you feel life is unfair and nothing goes your way? Please understand the power of your mind doesn’t diminish just because you may not always utilize its power to work for you.

When you begin to take control of how you think, you will see your life change for the better. Your soul chose your body so that you can learn, grow and experience life, but only you can grant yourself permission to allow your soul to lead. Your efforts to work on this are needed now more than ever, as the world is experiencing major shifts, and not all of these shifts have been positive. Keep this in mind as you reflect on this month’s message:

your thoughts and emotions are energy, and every single living being is emitting their energy on this planet all at once.

What type of energy are you contributing? You are all capable of being the light that ignites the light within yourselves, which will in turn spark the light in others. Right now beautiful ones, the world needs more light.



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