Hello lovely Starseeds!

How do you cleanse, clear, or charge your Tarot cards? This has been a fun experiment for me over the years. When I first open up a fresh deck, I begin with a simple meditation and smudging with sage. After this, I mix my cards together on the floor with the palms of my hands. This allows for potential reversed cards to position themselves within the deck. There are, however, many different ways you can infuse your cards:

  • With sage, palo santo, or any incense you enjoy
  • By placing your deck out in the sun or moonlight
  • Through a simple meditation or visualization of white light 
  • Through shuffling your cards while visualizing the intention for your deck
  • Reiki or energy work
  • Dowsing with a pendulum in a circular motion
  • Placing them under your pillow as you sleep

This has been an interesting past few months to say the least, and as we now find ourselves once again caught up in a highly energetic cycle of eclipse moments, we are going to notice some huge shifts taking place (both around the planet and cosmos, and within ourselves). Tomorrow marks a total full moon lunar eclipse, which sparks yet another phase of adjustment, transformation, and receptivity with our Higher Selves.

For this lunar eclipse, the moon and sun are going to be opposite each other in the first and seventh signs of the zodiac (Aries & Libra), so we can expect to feel our emotions running high, and our intuitive abilities going haywire. Everything may feel amplified at this time, so for some, it may be an opportune moment to seek a quiet and comfortable space for meditation and introspection. 


If you are looking for a quick and simple way of grounding yourself throughout the day (no matter where you may be), choose one of the following affirmations and repeat when you are feeling on edge, or when you need an adjustment:

  • I am open to the infinite power of the Universe
  • I am fully aware - in my body, thoughts, and feelings
  • I am safe, complete, and exactly where I need to be
  • I am here, now, in this moment


(Week 1)

Cha Cha Cha Changes!  There is a great wind coming and it has transformation written all over it.  Do not put up your dukes and fight it. This is a time to surrender and receive what is to come. Now, if the word surrender seems a little bit scary, let me just say this; allow. 

When you Allow opportunities to break down your door and talk to you over dinner it means you hear them out without being defensive or letting yourself repeat the same old reasons/patterns as to why you shouldn't or can't. 

Now is the time to be present and let possibility know what you are made of. See this month through the eyes of The Fool from day one.  In order to fully embrace the best version of you that will emerge from The April Fool's allowing, have a conversation with yourself to get in touch with whatever parts of you that are no longer working.

Do you have a repetitive pattern that keeps you safe from the unknown? What things do you tell yourself that keep you from living your dreams? Identify your fears and punch them in the face.  Trust me, you'll want to be fully awake for what's to come.



(Week 2)

The April 4th Lunar Eclipse in Libra brings awareness ten fold. How perfect that the Awakening card shows up along with it. Take a glance back to the Solar Eclipse in March and see what you have learned thus far. Where has your divine intelligence come to play? Does it bring you to a crossroads? Whatever you began in the solar cycle may be coming to an end or perhaps you want to scrap it all and simply move forward from the energy you conjured and start fresh.  

As we saw with the Transformation card, there is sacred wisdom in letting go dear one. Set free any bad vibes or feelings swimming around you that have to do with you or others.  

Want to clear em out for good?  Let yourself off the hook with good dose of forgiveness.  It's the magic elixir and it's bullet proof.  While your at it, is there anyone you need to forgive along with you? Any situation? Make sure your sprinkle that golden Forgiveness dust over all of it; everyone and everything need be and ask for the necessary tools you need for optimal self improvement. 



(Week 3)

The Star card is a wonderful omen! The first two weeks of the month have you doing some heavy internal and spiritual spring cleaning. But the blossoms are blooming now and the new task is seeing everything on your path with enthusiasm and certainty.  

Keyword: Unbounded Hope. 

Recognizing beauty through the simplest things in your daily routine will assure you a greater amount of love in your life and manifesting magnetism.

This shiny, happy card also reflects a healthy balance of work, creativity, desire and dreams. It's giving you the green light to take that leap of faith and bring what it is your heart wants  to you, home even. 

Remember to keep that positive sparkle The Star shines on you close at all times and nothing can stand in your way. Ask yourself: What is the next step to get me to where I truly want to be? And don't be surprised when The Star illuminates the way.



(Week 4)

This card is the seal of fate confirming the laborious work you've done this month.  It happily brings you the benefits of your best intentions and sets the ball in motion for another beginning. This card is fruition and new chapters to come. 

This month was about stepping fully into your power after letting go of any outdated baggage that you no longer needed to lug around.  You embraced possibility and here it is showing up three fold in every aspect of your life. Simply put, this entire month was a cosmic lesson in the Universal Law Of Attraction.  

Now, The Ace of Crystals shows up like a trophy awarding you with success.  It serves to remind you that trusting in yourself, your heart and your higher power can and will attract that which your dreams are made.  

~Namaste, Michelle Gallagher


Michelle Gallagher is an Intuitive Medium and Spiritual Counselor available for readings via phone, Skype and in person. Her office is located in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania which is smack in the middle of Philadelphia & New York City.  


Michelle's magical abilities perviously coordinated rock concerts, movie premieres and could be heard in various commercials in the Bay Area. Riding in elevators with the likes of Matt Damon and dancing back stage with Drew Barrymore are fond memories she likes to conjure for her seven year old who also shares her spiritual gifts. For more about Michelle or to receive her free weekly tarotscope please see