I am having a lot of fun creating the images for the Moonchild Tarot. Recently, I was going back and forth with the idea of creating a more illustrative deck, and have now chosen to only incorporate a few hand drawn designs. The images of the Moonchild Tarot will be done with photography and collage. I will, however, be drawing the framing for the box and card backs, as well as some extra parts that will be featured throughout the Major Arcana. For the cards themselves, I have chosen to emulate vintage cabinet card photographs. On the left hand side of each one, the title for the card will be featured. On the right, I will include three key words that correlate to their interpretations. I have been collecting cabinet cards for years, along with old antique photo albums (some of which are faintly creepy, but nonetheless, beautiful).

I am also aware how certain objects may hold energies from their pasts, along with attachments to others that are no longer on this earthly plane. There is a certain weight and responsibility that comes with owning these keepsakes, and a certain obligation to cherish and respect them. I want these cards to have a certain type of nostalgia, for the memories and lifetimes that we only now hear as stories of old. Antiquated times related to mythology, history, and magic that once existed (I always feel this when I travel to certain places - Scotland in particular holds a lot of this for me).

Cabinet card photos were also considered "cartes de visites" and were traded amongst friends and family members - This created a certain type of interaction that went beyond simply owning a photograph. If the Starchild Tarot holds images of potential futuristic snapshots, the Moonchild Tarot will encapsulate possible memories or dreams that once existed in the past. Memories that the Earth and elements hold within them. Memories that speak of these themes in an immortalized and mystical way.