The Akashic Records represent an energetic matrix and imprint of every emotion, action, thought, word, and experience that has ever taken place throughout our conceivable universe. It can be described as a living library, great “space”, or collection of mystical knowledge. It is an etheric repository of information that connects to the limitless potentials that exist before us in all linear (and non-linear) directions, as well as the history of our past incarnations and soul experiences.

Every living being has a unique Akashic record that is specific to them, which also contributes to the Universal Akashic library. In Ancient Egypt, this may have been known as the “Great Hall of Records” which contained the sacred knowledge of the universe and the history of ancient civilizations. It has also be referred to as the “Book of Life” or “Tree of Life”, and has appeared in many different spiritual systems throughout human history in various symbols and definitions.

The Akashic Records also describe the subtle energies that are each contained within us, that are constantly being encoded into our DNA and vibrational signatures. This happens on an individual (quantum) level, and after this, a global, then universal scale. The Universal Akashic records contain the evolution of our entire universe collectively (with each of us playing an individual note in this grand orchestra of energy).

The Message:

When we learn that we are in fact co-creators of our own realities, we are accessing the most optimal vibrations of potential experiences available to us, and are effectively working with the Akashic records. When we talk about connecting with our “Higher Self”, we are also describing an understanding of our own Akashic records. We can connect with this source of loving information in order to awaken and be the best versions of ourselves. When you begin questioning your reality and become more aware of your spirit (just as much as you are aware of your physical body), the universe has a funny way of helping you out, giving you divine clues, and providing you with even more truths along the way.

When this card shows up, it comes as a reminder of the endless possibilities and limitless potentials that are surely available to you through the Akashic Records—these can be accessed in various ways—through insights, imagination, past life memories, intuitive glimpses, meditation, dreams, prayer, high frequency foods, energetic downloads, loving connections with others, listening to music, dancing, exercising your body, exploring Nature and the outdoors, interacting with animals, being creative, learning and gaining wisdom, and overall, following your heart. It defines being able to access your greatness, and the power to change your life for the better by being open and making healthy choices. Through learning to release the ego, self-judgement, or judgement of others. By practicing forgiveness and unconditional Love – there are so many contributing factors that may provide a clear navigation of your own Akashic records. It is a great journey that we each have the potential to take – are you ready to access the spark of your being?

You are the one you have been waiting for!