I have been working on a number of images since last summer for the upcoming Moonchild Tarot deck. This deck is going to have a very special and unique feel - It will be an homage to the following:

The Divine Feminine, Magic and spiritualism, Art nouveau & Art Deco, vintage photography & film, Egyptian mysticism and motifs, historical Roma, and esoterica.  It will be a complementary yet contrasting deck to the Starchild Tarot, which is much more cosmic and otherworldly, whereas the Moonchild Tarot will be more grounded within the elements and powers of the Earth (As Above, So Below). It touches on Goddess and moon magic, the ancient mystery schools. and shadow work. 

I have been taking photos for this project throughout the past 6 months, and anticipate it will continue to evolve and unfold magically. I have a few more shoots already planned, and cannot wait to share these images. Part of my wish (bucket list) for this continuation of decks will hopefully involve a trip back to the UK to take some amazing pictures, and a journey to Egypt with my partner (fingers crossed). I have already started creating the box and book for this. In the meantime, here is a sneak peek of part of the outside graphics and card design options. The main image for the front has not been chosen yet (or perhaps even created at this point) so this is simply part of the front frame, which will mimic the layout of The Starchild Tarot box cover.