So I have been in the process of editing the final stages of the deck and I feel absolutely THRILLED! What a project this has been over this past year and a half. The process of creating the imagery and also writing the book for this deck has been such an amazing journey. I know that each image holds a lot of deep spiritual meaning for myself, and I hope the messages contained within these cards will bring love and light to all of the Starseeds out there.

 I will never forget the first tarot deck I ever purchased - The Aquarian Tarot.  I was about twelve years old, perusing the aisles of a local flea market, always eager to find whatever new trinkets or charms I could get my hands on. Sifting through old secondhand relics has always been an unusual thrill for me. I guess in a lot of ways I would imagine I was an archaeologist digging up pieces of ancient history. I would pretend that hidden clues could be found nestled in these mysterious objects, waiting for me to unveil them in order to set me on some unknown quest (this was my definition of a dream job as a child). When I spotted the box, worn and frayed from use, I remember feeling a wave of excitement wash over me. The images on the cards were needless to say, what sparked my love for Art nouveau and Art deco designs.