POST - NEW MOON in LEO reading

Since July 23rd, I’ve been feeling a bit tense! Even though this most recent New Moon marked a jumpstart phase of action and change, leading into the next New Moon, Leo solar eclipse on Aug 21st, we may still feel some deep activations and heartstring pulls, until then. This fiery Leo energy is full of passion, sparks of inspiration, and initiations that will ultimately anchor and cultivate new downloads for us to absorb over the next short while. We are being asked to step up and speak our truth while also being mindful our greater soul connections with those around us. 


Two new moons in this sign triggers a lot of power, and it is potent, potent, potent! How we choose to shift and move through this next phase will either give us the strength to hold ourselves up, or cause us to unravel a bit more from the inside out as we process everything. But don’t fret! Both directions lead to positive outcomes, as we learn to release the weight that has tied us down for far too long. 


We are moving out of a time of emotional shifts and watery, sensitive dramas. 


With the Eight of Cups combined with this lunar phase, some of us may be holding onto thought patterns, attachments, or fears from our past, even though we can simultaneously envision a brighter future ahead. It’s to the point where we may even be fantasizing about our next steps, our hopes, our dreams, our concrete plans, as one last challenge or deeper insecurity seems to get in the way. 


This cosmic portal may feel as though you are stepping into an endless abyss, even though you are poised and ready to leap forward - just have faith that what lies beneath will catch your fall, and support your greater journey. From here, you can finally let go of the burdens and baggage, and swim freely towards the shore. 


Moving into the Five of Wands - this card tends to show up when some kind of struggle is occurring in your life, whether you feel as though you must stick up for yourself, or when there are surrounding ideas or values that clash with your own. As of late (I've noticed this big time) it may seem as though many people are jumping to conclusions, speaking frankly without resolve, or making assumptions without receiving the proper information first. Ouch! This can ultimately blow up in our faces if we aren’t careful, as the fiery sign of Leo tends to create short fuses and curt, biased observations. This is not the time to make blind assumptions. Now more than ever, it is important to honour your heart and make your priorities clear. This card is not about teamwork, but personal goals and ambitions. Don't let the naysayers get you down - only you know the inner workings of your heart. 


The Five of Wands moves from the energy of the Eight of Cups and transforms into the power of The Emperor, prompting us to hold our own space and be strong in our convictions while being mindful and careful of how we choose to communicate with others. Working from a place of love instead of fear or judgement can be good medicine, in this case. 


After we have picked up the pieces, The Emperor points to being able to strategize and plan ahead, perhaps in the guise of time management, and structured routines and responsibilities. It also encourages us to take stock of our state of mind and powers of discernment. If you are experiencing stress due to external influences in your life, now may be a good time to maintain your focus on the task ahead and reassess how you are processing your thoughts.


Very often when our minds are buzzing with clutter, our external world can end up being a bit chaotic and draining. This is when the energy of the Eight of Cups is ready to be released. As we learn to let go of what no longer serves us, The Emperor asks us to step up and be confident in who we are, with the Five of Wands, now ready and willing to shine through. Again, The Emperor encourages us to take back our power and to distinguish thoughts and actions that are damaging or aggressive from those that are nurturing and positive. From here, we can begin to create order out of chaos, and be systematic with our plan forward. 


And finally, The Strength card plays out a gentle, yet affirming end to this story. How we choose to navigate through the upcoming challenges, shifts, moments of illusion, and cosmic changes within our energy fields (and the world at large) can bring on a lot of fire and activation. Let’s use this time to be diligent and gentle with how we process our thoughts, our words, and our actions.


If we can tame our wilder traits, we can come to a comfortable symbiosis of love and greater spiritual awareness. Our plans will flow smoothly, we will be gracious and humble, while also being powerful and confident in who we are. Remember, it is important to treat others with compassion, love and kindness, as Strength also comes from being mindful of how we choose to interact and communicate with the people around us. This is a great time of change and heart chakra activation - it is asking us to step into our higher power, our spiritual truth, while also celebrating and appreciating the loving connections in our lives, and our soul's deepest callings. 



Much love,




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Tarot reading report featuring The Page of Swords.❤️

With the tumultuous energies of this current cosmic & lunar phase, I’m sure a lot of us are finding ourselves in those familiar moments of saying “damn this retrograde!” - but do not fret! As we reflect on the optimism and strength of the Page of Swords, we may also acknowledge that there is still a lot to learn and unleash over this next short while (which is perfectly fine). Moving through the challenges transmuted throughout this past New Moon and current phase means you are more than due for an inevitable renewed sense of vitality on the horizon! Things are looking good!

After climbing that final mountain, it will be time to move forward with any plans you may have been putting off or contemplating, regardless of the thoughts or views of those around you. The Page of Swords in this case represents the beginning phase or initial steps of a new project or adventure. With this first chapter also comes a naive sense of optimism, and certain risk taking which is sometimes necessary in searching for the truth. You will be able to peer through veil of the world around you, observe the uncanny synchronicities that continue to unfold, and decide what is ultimately real in the end. 

Do not be afraid to take a leap into the unknown - you have every right to live up to that inner child who still exists within you, who remembers what it feels like to jump in head first, and see through those familiar rose-tinted shades. This truth means more than searching for financial growth, comfort or stability - it connects back to what makes your whole experience on this pale blue dot authentic. You may once again find yourself contemplating the whole point of it all, and how your bigger picture really is something otherworldly, altogether. You are magic - never forget it

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The Akashic Records reading for November

The Akashic Records represent an energetic matrix and imprint of every emotion, action, thought, word, and experience that has ever taken place throughout our conceivable universe. It can be described as a living library, great “space”, or collection of mystical knowledge. It is an etheric repository of information that connects to the limitless potentials that exist before us in all linear (and non-linear) directions, as well as the history of our past incarnations and soul experiences.

Every living being has a unique Akashic record that is specific to them, which also contributes to the Universal Akashic library. In Ancient Egypt, this may have been known as the “Great Hall of Records” which contained the sacred knowledge of the universe and the history of ancient civilizations. It has also be referred to as the “Book of Life” or “Tree of Life”, and has appeared in many different spiritual systems throughout human history in various symbols and definitions.

The Akashic Records also describe the subtle energies that are each contained within us, that are constantly being encoded into our DNA and vibrational signatures. This happens on an individual (quantum) level, and after this, a global, then universal scale. The Universal Akashic records contain the evolution of our entire universe collectively (with each of us playing an individual note in this grand orchestra of energy).

The Message:

When we learn that we are in fact co-creators of our own realities, we are accessing the most optimal vibrations of potential experiences available to us, and are effectively working with the Akashic records. When we talk about connecting with our “Higher Self”, we are also describing an understanding of our own Akashic records. We can connect with this source of loving information in order to awaken and be the best versions of ourselves. When you begin questioning your reality and become more aware of your spirit (just as much as you are aware of your physical body), the universe has a funny way of helping you out, giving you divine clues, and providing you with even more truths along the way.

When this card shows up, it comes as a reminder of the endless possibilities and limitless potentials that are surely available to you through the Akashic Records—these can be accessed in various ways—through insights, imagination, past life memories, intuitive glimpses, meditation, dreams, prayer, high frequency foods, energetic downloads, loving connections with others, listening to music, dancing, exercising your body, exploring Nature and the outdoors, interacting with animals, being creative, learning and gaining wisdom, and overall, following your heart. It defines being able to access your greatness, and the power to change your life for the better by being open and making healthy choices. Through learning to release the ego, self-judgement, or judgement of others. By practicing forgiveness and unconditional Love – there are so many contributing factors that may provide a clear navigation of your own Akashic records. It is a great journey that we each have the potential to take – are you ready to access the spark of your being?

You are the one you have been waiting for!



The Second edition of The Starchild Tarot

Blessings on this transformative summer of 2015!

Thank you to everyone who has reached out over these past five months since the initial launch of The Starchild Tarot. It has been such a wonderful experience connecting with you all through the images I have been able to create and share. I feel truly blessed. 

I wanted to give everyone an update on the status of the second edition of the deck. This has been a long process since its first incarnation, and in many ways, there will be some new changes, additions, and essentially, a continuation of visual storytelling.

Here are the two box designs that will be available for purchase. Which one do you like best? 


There was SO much more that I wanted to pour into this next deck, that I often found it overwhelming to decide how I was going to express the ideas that were constantly filtering through my mind.

How was I going to touch on all of the topics that I thought were so pertinent to this time in our Universe? How would I connect to the ancient visual representations that have been returning to our collective unconscious?

I suddenly found myself faced with daily synchronistic occurrences - ideas were being discussed, books were falling into my lap, and particular words were echoing throughout conversations with friends, strangers, and the world at large. 

I was completely full of gratitude for the clues I was receiving. 

I have decided that this next deck is going to be a continuation of the themes that have been so close to my heart throughout this process of creating a spiritual tool for awakening.

Some cards will remain within the deck, while others will reincarnate into their next adaptations. I hope you enjoy the new visions that will be showing up. I am going to delve a little deeper into the cosmic symbolism, the ancient mystery school topics, and will also be adding a new category of "Spiritual keys" to the Major Arcana cards. 

These will be key words that refer to outside topics that I believe are also relevant to each card, and can be used for further investigation. These will be listed alongside the regular "keywords/additional meanings" that come with each definition.

For example,

The Magician will include:

Spiritual Keys: 

(Chakra): Crown Chakra

(Gemstones): Watermelon Tourmaline, Lumerian Quartz, Moldavite, (and more)

(Astrological): Mercury, Sirius

 (Symbols): Metatron's Cube, The Seed of Life, Ouroboros, The Caduceus

(Guides): Thoth, Metatron, Enoch, Hermes, Quetzalcoatl, Enki, Zarathustra, Merlin

(Time, Space & Texts): The Hall of Records, The Akashic Records, The Emerald Tablets, Golden Atlantis

The reason why I have decided to add all of this information, is because these themes are always present in my mind as I create the cards, regardless of whether or not the imagery touches on ALL of these keys visually. I am always researching these topics, discussing them with my partner and close friends, and more than anything I FIND THEM FASCINATING!! 

In some ways, the Spiritual Keys will provide a bit more background knowledge to the cards themselves (mind you, I cannot stress enough that these are added elements to the traditional highlights [which will still remain preserved within the inherent meanings]), while also giving you (the reader) a bit more to look into.

You might find that some of these topics will come up unexpectedly throughout the day after you read a particular card. Think of them more as spiritual breadcrumbs, to help illuminate a path for more insight and knowledge. 

Some cards may have a bit more information than others, or specific categories that fit within each card. More than anything, I wanted to create a deck that had it all. My love for the esoteric and ancient connections to magic and healing, the history that I find fascinating about our origins and spirituality, and the symbols that show up, time and time again, that have been ever present throughout the ages, up until this great time of transformation and significant Earth changes. 

Many thanks for coming along this journey with me - into the stars, cosmos, and worlds beyond. 

xoxoxo Danielle


SERENITY (A.K.A. - The Hermit)

What a time to be alive! This card comes as a reminder to us all that it is still important for us to connect with source, our Higher-Self, and the sweet synchronicities that show up each day! Traditionally the Hermit relates to spiritual values, and ponders the great mysteries of the Universe, while also acting as a counsellor and guide to the people around them. This is the sort of embodiment that can only come from deep contemplation, detachment from materialism, and an understanding of the powers of the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Serenity bridges the gap between being grounded and elevated, and asks us to make time to relax, look within, and think about how we are using our time to spiritually grow and ascend.

Sometimes it is also necessary to step back from all of the chaos and noise, in order to check in with ourselves. At this time, Serenity reveals that the quest for spiritual knowledge is, or will become more relevant as we journey forward. This may have to do with priorities shifting, relationships dividing or evolving, and unexpected ideas or visions suddenly coming into play. This card also denotes a search for specific information, possibly the unveiling of some kind of truth that has been dormant within us.

Serenity also connects with the divine guidance that always surrounds us. When we look to it or utilize its power, very often we may find ourselves ignoring the pressures and distractions of the social world.

It's that little voice inside of us that reminds us to "slow down!", "turn off the TV!", and "go outside and enjoy the beauty of Nature!".  This voice may also begin to say things to you like: 

"you might not want to eat that - you know its not healthy", "why do you spend time with people who make you feel unhappy," or "you need start learning to love yourself more."

The simple act of self-love is essential to our health and overall serenity, :) so making time to for meditation, introspection, and fun should become a part of our daily routine. From here we can align ourselves with choices that help us feel happy and fulfilled, and our relationships will thrive in a whole new light. 

As the wonderful and wise Louise Hay would say:

Notice what you are thinking at this moment.
Is the thought negative or positive?
Do you want this thought to be creating your
future and your infinite possibilities?
Just notice and be aware.

Monthly Reading from psychic medium and intuitive advisor, Alexis Jones

Peace be with you all and may love and light surround you.  

Dear ones, you have the power to change anything in your life. Yes, anything. Tapping into your potential to turn your dreams into reality, is alchemy at its best. All that you see in your life, started from a thought that was then executed into existence by trial and error.

Understanding this truth can provide you with the strength and courage to begin creating a life that is tailor made to your liking. For the month of July, you are being encouraged to really look at your thoughts.

Are you someone that focuses on problems or solutions? Do you believe that you will succeed, or do you feel life is unfair and nothing goes your way? Please understand the power of your mind doesn’t diminish just because you may not always utilize its power to work for you.

When you begin to take control of how you think, you will see your life change for the better. Your soul chose your body so that you can learn, grow and experience life, but only you can grant yourself permission to allow your soul to lead. Your efforts to work on this are needed now more than ever, as the world is experiencing major shifts, and not all of these shifts have been positive. Keep this in mind as you reflect on this month’s message:

your thoughts and emotions are energy, and every single living being is emitting their energy on this planet all at once.

What type of energy are you contributing? You are all capable of being the light that ignites the light within yourselves, which will in turn spark the light in others. Right now beautiful ones, the world needs more light.



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Ascension signs & symptoms

You are the Sun, the Moon,
the bodies of the sky. 

You have walked this world for many aeons, 
and in the darkness, been the light.

You have travelled to distant lands
and worlds, where you discovered lovers,
and friends. 

The stars were your beacons,
and led you, beyond what lives could comprehend. 

-Hathor Starlight

Cosmic shifts and subtle energies

Dear ones - I am very excited to announce some of the common themes that have been surfacing over this past week, as certain cards have been popping up in my readings (and in the images I am receiving from Starchild readers) - it is no coincidence that the Moon is becoming a prevalent focal point in our collective consciousness.

Tomorrow marks the Full Moon in Sagittarius (June 2nd, 2015) - In light of this time, I have done a one card reading to reflect on the upcoming energy, and by some strange coincidence, have revealed THE MOON card.

The appearance of the Moon reveals that subconscious factors may be exerting some major influences in your life. If you've been feeling some anxiety, it may be that your instincts have sensed something stirring within you. With all of the transition that has been happening each month, I can identify these changes as stepping stones to some greater collective discovery that is well on its way. As we each play an integral role in the grand scheme of this universal energy, these shifts act as seedlings to a much larger transformation.

The Moon card deals with the existence of our most basic instincts, cycles of nature, emotions, and intuitive facets. With its association to water (which deals with the ebb and flow of our emotional states and the makeup of our physical bodies), we are being forced to look inward, to acknowledge our existence in a completely new light. Body, mind, and spirit - we are feeling it all. 

This is a time that highlights creative imagination, premonitions, intuitive insights, and the return of past-life memories - it is the uncanny sense that you may have been somewhere else, been someone else, or experienced certain life lessons repeatedly. For many of us, we may continue to relive these lessons until we can move on with some sense of accomplishment or closure. Often, these are the most challenging lessons to learn, but from these experiences we are provided with life changing opportunities. 

In many ways, this is a time of transformation and rebirth - as our own priorities may suddenly become altered through various emotional and spiritual shifts. But where is this all coming from? Why are so many of us suddenly deciding to change our lifestyles, get new jobs, leave certain relationships, or walk new and uncharted territory? Throughout all of this, despite the possible difficulties that may show up, we may find ourselves subconsciously aligning with a more spiritual route. Synchronicities will become increasingly apparent, and many of us may find our guides leaving trails of breadcrumbs along our path.  

Something deep and ancient is beginning to stir within us, and as we look to the dawn of a new age, we are also going to notice some intense transformations occurring around the planet and throughout the cosmos. While Science will provide us with tangible explanations for new discoveries that will continue to unfold, an equally powerful unveiling of our own inner truths will become symptomatic. By this, I are referring to Ascension Signs & Symptoms.

Here is an interesting list of some of the more common examples of ascension signs - that is not to say that you should not consult your doctor or health practitioner, despite the fact that some of these symptoms may feel disruptive to your health!

The list:

You just 'know' or sense that something is happening/changing. You just feel different for reasons you can't explain.  

Stomach and digestive issues, loss of appetite; periods of unexplained nausea. 

Sudden changes in body temperatures; increased sensitivity or intolerance to heat or cold; abnormal heat and/or cold in certain body parts.  

Cold or Flu-like symptoms that appear and then dissapear just as suddenly without escalating.  

Frequent headaches; head pressure or other unusual sensations in the crown area; warmth, tingling, pinpricks, pulsating energy.  

Increase in sensitivity of smell; strange smells from time to time that seem to come out of nowhere; Sinus and allergy issues.  

Changes in vision and perception; catching glimpses of shadows, mist or smoke, flashes of light, sparkles, colors and swirling forms of energy. 

Changes in hearing or sensitivity to sound; hearing strange sounds, tones and frequencies in your ears; whooshing, buzzing or ear popping/pressure. 

Periods where you feel extremely cold for long periods of time or have a chill in your body, cold hands or feet; circulation issues. 

Changes in diet, appetite and eating habits; Sudden cravings for or aversions to certain foods; Unexplainable weight gain or loss. 

Sudden intolerances/allergies to certain food or other products and chemical sensitivities.  

Changes in sleep patterns; waves of extreme fatigue that come and go unexpectedly; periods of restlessness or insomnia; a need for more or less sleep than normal; 

Sporadic sleep schedules; repeated waking in the middle of the night especially around 3 am; unusual dreams or more lucid dreams. 


Increase in daydreaming, fantasy; flashes of insights and visions; increased creativity and imagination. 

Intense waves of heat throughout the body, hot flashes, chills or night sweats; feeling extremely hot or waves or warming energy in various chakra centers. 

Increased static electrical charge in the body; energy 'zaps', tingles, itching, pinpricks; muscle spasms or twitches that occur sporadically in certain parts of the body. 

General body aches and pains, tension and soreness not caused by injury or exercise. 

Clumsiness, lack of coordination at times, bumping into or dropping objects more often; dizziness or feeling ungrounded.  

Sporadic bursts of increased energy or inspiration; feeling hyper-active or frantic energy; panic attacks; accelerated mental energy; racing or scattered thoughts.  

Unexplainable nervousness or anxiety that comes and goes spontaneously for no apprent reason.  

Feeling Intense or unusual vibrations; experiencing pulsating or rushing waves of energy, tingling sensations pressure throughout the body or in specific areas (chakra centers). 

Exteme sensitivity; feeling over-emotional; Episodes of crying for no apparent reason or bouts of hysterical laughter for no apparent reason. 

Periods of intense frustration, anger or rage, short-tempered or easily agitated or impatient. 

Moments where you experience increase in heart rate out of the blue, or unusual sensations in the heart chakra area.  

Unusual skin changes that come and go (rashes, hives, itching or tingles).  

Changes in hair and nail texture, color or rate of growth. Hair and nails may grow faster than normal. 

Feeling more drawn to be in nature and in more serene environments. 

A sudden increase in synchronicity (meaningful coincidences); seeing 11:11 or other recurring numbers often. 

 Abrupt changes with job, friends, hobbies, interests, or living environments or strong urge to relocate. 

Physicality may feel 'unreal' at times and external reality appears dreamlike at times.  

Increased "self talk" or inner dialogue; issues with voice or speech. 

A need for more personal space and alone time; introversion. 

Feeling invisible, alienated or detached from from others and/or the world around you. 

Feeling lost or a sudden loss of your old 'identity' and a calling to find your true self.  

A deep longing to go Home even though you may not know where 'home' is. 

A sense of urgency like you are running out of time or that 'something is about to happen'. 

Moments of heightened energy where you may receive channeled information ; or automatic writing. 

Sudden lack of mental focus and ability to concentrate or comprehend linear information; feeling scattered; brain fog; confusion; forgetting things more often. 

Feeling ungrounded at times, scattered or spacey thoughts; feeling detatched or in a dream-like trance. 

Time distortions; losing track of time; a sense that time is 'speeding up' or 'slowing down' at various moments; 

You begin to see halos of light around people, animals and objects; distorted or blurred vision; sensitivity to bright light; more intense closed-eye visions.  

Increased Telepathy with other people and animals; flashes of insight and increased Intuition. 

Feeling that you have a Divine purpose on the planet and that you are on a special 'mission'.  

Profound feeling of love, peace, understanding and interconnectedness with All things.  

Increased psychic awareness and sensitivity, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and intuition.  

Bizarre or intense dreams; prophetic or precognitive dreams or dreamlike visions occuring more often.  


Electronic devices may malfunction often in your presence (lights may flicker or bulbs burn out often).  

A feeling that you are not alone or that there is a non-physical presence near you (visits from angelic beings, spirits, e.t's, messengers and guides) 

Experiencing sudden inspirations and divine revelations, rushes of energy and flashes of deep insight.  

A feeling that something is 'about to happen' or something important is coming, although you don't know what or when.  


Hello beautiful ones. Peace be with you,

I am Alexis Jones, International Psychic Medium & Intuitive Advisor. I speak with you today from a place of love and light and I am so happy to meet you. It has been one of the most humbling experiences to be able to channel and communicate with the loving energy of our guides, angels, and loved ones. Often times, whether it is from a reading, or just being in my own thoughts, lessons big and small about life seem to always come through. I am excited to announce to you that each month; I will be sharing some of these experiences with you as well as messages from our loving guides.

Please enjoy the first installment of Messages From Alexis:

"What a blessing it is to embrace who you really are but most importantly share it with the world."

This is a gentle reminder from your guides that you internally hold the power to manifest and shape your experience here, but the Energy surrounding your thoughts is equally important as the thought itself. Right now in your life, you are being called to look within yourself, with unwavering truth and unlock your hidden power.

This world you experience is made up of energy and you may feel at times a restrictive energy leaving you no room to shine or that it is impossible for you to truly do or experience all that you want out of life. This is all an illusion or shall I say a matter of your own perspective. When you support your desires in all that you do with an energy of confidence and gratitude (knowing anything is possible), you will unlock the iron gates in your mind that have kept you from moving forward in your life in the directions you want to go.

Too many people now have so much weighing on their minds, they feel oppressed and confined - when really you are alive dear ones, to experience what it's like to be mentally free. We have the opportunity to turn our thoughts into reality, which is essentially one of the many magical truths of life. The union of mind, body, and soul provides the perfect recipe to physically experience our inner truths out loud, so to speak. Once you choose to make the conscious decision to set yourself mentally free, and pursue your truth with confidence, you may take note of happiness, love and a peace of mind that will meet you along the way. The key is in choosing what type of energy you want to embrace in all that you do, and in all of the ways you think. That, dear ones is what will make the World of a difference. 


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Transformation and the Moon


Hello lovely Starseeds!

How do you cleanse, clear, or charge your Tarot cards? This has been a fun experiment for me over the years. When I first open up a fresh deck, I begin with a simple meditation and smudging with sage. After this, I mix my cards together on the floor with the palms of my hands. This allows for potential reversed cards to position themselves within the deck. There are, however, many different ways you can infuse your cards:

  • With sage, palo santo, or any incense you enjoy
  • By placing your deck out in the sun or moonlight
  • Through a simple meditation or visualization of white light 
  • Through shuffling your cards while visualizing the intention for your deck
  • Reiki or energy work
  • Dowsing with a pendulum in a circular motion
  • Placing them under your pillow as you sleep

This has been an interesting past few months to say the least, and as we now find ourselves once again caught up in a highly energetic cycle of eclipse moments, we are going to notice some huge shifts taking place (both around the planet and cosmos, and within ourselves). Tomorrow marks a total full moon lunar eclipse, which sparks yet another phase of adjustment, transformation, and receptivity with our Higher Selves.

For this lunar eclipse, the moon and sun are going to be opposite each other in the first and seventh signs of the zodiac (Aries & Libra), so we can expect to feel our emotions running high, and our intuitive abilities going haywire. Everything may feel amplified at this time, so for some, it may be an opportune moment to seek a quiet and comfortable space for meditation and introspection. 


If you are looking for a quick and simple way of grounding yourself throughout the day (no matter where you may be), choose one of the following affirmations and repeat when you are feeling on edge, or when you need an adjustment:

  • I am open to the infinite power of the Universe
  • I am fully aware - in my body, thoughts, and feelings
  • I am safe, complete, and exactly where I need to be
  • I am here, now, in this moment


(Week 1)

Cha Cha Cha Changes!  There is a great wind coming and it has transformation written all over it.  Do not put up your dukes and fight it. This is a time to surrender and receive what is to come. Now, if the word surrender seems a little bit scary, let me just say this; allow. 

When you Allow opportunities to break down your door and talk to you over dinner it means you hear them out without being defensive or letting yourself repeat the same old reasons/patterns as to why you shouldn't or can't. 

Now is the time to be present and let possibility know what you are made of. See this month through the eyes of The Fool from day one.  In order to fully embrace the best version of you that will emerge from The April Fool's allowing, have a conversation with yourself to get in touch with whatever parts of you that are no longer working.

Do you have a repetitive pattern that keeps you safe from the unknown? What things do you tell yourself that keep you from living your dreams? Identify your fears and punch them in the face.  Trust me, you'll want to be fully awake for what's to come.



(Week 2)

The April 4th Lunar Eclipse in Libra brings awareness ten fold. How perfect that the Awakening card shows up along with it. Take a glance back to the Solar Eclipse in March and see what you have learned thus far. Where has your divine intelligence come to play? Does it bring you to a crossroads? Whatever you began in the solar cycle may be coming to an end or perhaps you want to scrap it all and simply move forward from the energy you conjured and start fresh.  

As we saw with the Transformation card, there is sacred wisdom in letting go dear one. Set free any bad vibes or feelings swimming around you that have to do with you or others.  

Want to clear em out for good?  Let yourself off the hook with good dose of forgiveness.  It's the magic elixir and it's bullet proof.  While your at it, is there anyone you need to forgive along with you? Any situation? Make sure your sprinkle that golden Forgiveness dust over all of it; everyone and everything need be and ask for the necessary tools you need for optimal self improvement. 



(Week 3)

The Star card is a wonderful omen! The first two weeks of the month have you doing some heavy internal and spiritual spring cleaning. But the blossoms are blooming now and the new task is seeing everything on your path with enthusiasm and certainty.  

Keyword: Unbounded Hope. 

Recognizing beauty through the simplest things in your daily routine will assure you a greater amount of love in your life and manifesting magnetism.

This shiny, happy card also reflects a healthy balance of work, creativity, desire and dreams. It's giving you the green light to take that leap of faith and bring what it is your heart wants  to you, home even. 

Remember to keep that positive sparkle The Star shines on you close at all times and nothing can stand in your way. Ask yourself: What is the next step to get me to where I truly want to be? And don't be surprised when The Star illuminates the way.



(Week 4)

This card is the seal of fate confirming the laborious work you've done this month.  It happily brings you the benefits of your best intentions and sets the ball in motion for another beginning. This card is fruition and new chapters to come. 

This month was about stepping fully into your power after letting go of any outdated baggage that you no longer needed to lug around.  You embraced possibility and here it is showing up three fold in every aspect of your life. Simply put, this entire month was a cosmic lesson in the Universal Law Of Attraction.  

Now, The Ace of Crystals shows up like a trophy awarding you with success.  It serves to remind you that trusting in yourself, your heart and your higher power can and will attract that which your dreams are made.  

~Namaste, Michelle Gallagher


Michelle Gallagher is an Intuitive Medium and Spiritual Counselor available for readings via phone, Skype and in person. Her office is located in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania which is smack in the middle of Philadelphia & New York City.  


Michelle's magical abilities perviously coordinated rock concerts, movie premieres and could be heard in various commercials in the Bay Area. Riding in elevators with the likes of Matt Damon and dancing back stage with Drew Barrymore are fond memories she likes to conjure for her seven year old who also shares her spiritual gifts. For more about Michelle or to receive her free weekly tarotscope please see




Some Moonchild updates

I am having a lot of fun creating the images for the Moonchild Tarot. Recently, I was going back and forth with the idea of creating a more illustrative deck, and have now chosen to only incorporate a few hand drawn designs. The images of the Moonchild Tarot will be done with photography and collage. I will, however, be drawing the framing for the box and card backs, as well as some extra parts that will be featured throughout the Major Arcana. For the cards themselves, I have chosen to emulate vintage cabinet card photographs. On the left hand side of each one, the title for the card will be featured. On the right, I will include three key words that correlate to their interpretations. I have been collecting cabinet cards for years, along with old antique photo albums (some of which are faintly creepy, but nonetheless, beautiful).

I am also aware how certain objects may hold energies from their pasts, along with attachments to others that are no longer on this earthly plane. There is a certain weight and responsibility that comes with owning these keepsakes, and a certain obligation to cherish and respect them. I want these cards to have a certain type of nostalgia, for the memories and lifetimes that we only now hear as stories of old. Antiquated times related to mythology, history, and magic that once existed (I always feel this when I travel to certain places - Scotland in particular holds a lot of this for me).

Cabinet card photos were also considered "cartes de visites" and were traded amongst friends and family members - This created a certain type of interaction that went beyond simply owning a photograph. If the Starchild Tarot holds images of potential futuristic snapshots, the Moonchild Tarot will encapsulate possible memories or dreams that once existed in the past. Memories that the Earth and elements hold within them. Memories that speak of these themes in an immortalized and mystical way. 


The Moonchild Tarot update


The Moonchild Tarot update

I have been working on a number of images since last summer for the upcoming Moonchild Tarot deck. This deck is going to have a very special and unique feel - It will be an homage to the following:

The Divine Feminine, Magic and spiritualism, Art nouveau & Art Deco, vintage photography & film, Egyptian mysticism and motifs, historical Roma, and esoterica.  It will be a complementary yet contrasting deck to the Starchild Tarot, which is much more cosmic and otherworldly, whereas the Moonchild Tarot will be more grounded within the elements and powers of the Earth (As Above, So Below). It touches on Goddess and moon magic, the ancient mystery schools. and shadow work. 

I have been taking photos for this project throughout the past 6 months, and anticipate it will continue to evolve and unfold magically. I have a few more shoots already planned, and cannot wait to share these images. Part of my wish (bucket list) for this continuation of decks will hopefully involve a trip back to the UK to take some amazing pictures, and a journey to Egypt with my partner (fingers crossed). 






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The Moonchild Tarot

    have been collecting antique cabinet card photographs and vintage cameras since I was in art school, and have always been fascinated by the soft exposures involved with these amazing keepsakes. My love for working with hand-tinting, collage, and layering effects has been a big part of my artwork since I first starting doing photography and design. Now that I no longer have a dark room, I love the convenience of digital photography and editing. I have the ability to create worlds and characters of my own at my fingertips. Making the Starchild Tarot has been an incredible journey, and I know that looking back on all of my years of tinkering around with different mediums, and immersing myself in film and editing has been a huge contributing factor to what I am making now. I am also a huge sic-fi geek and love the vintage aesthetic of retro-futurism and experimental film from the 1960s-70s.


have been collecting antique cabinet card photographs and vintage cameras since I was in art school, and have always been fascinated by the soft exposures involved with these amazing keepsakes. My love for working with hand-tinting, collage, and layering effects has been a big part of my artwork since I first starting doing photography and design. Now that I no longer have a dark room, I love the convenience of digital photography and editing. I have the ability to create worlds and characters of my own at my fingertips. Making the Starchild Tarot has been an incredible journey, and I know that looking back on all of my years of tinkering around with different mediums, and immersing myself in film and editing has been a huge contributing factor to what I am making now. I am also a huge sic-fi geek and love the vintage aesthetic of retro-futurism and experimental film from the 1960s-70s.

These model shots were taken by Cathleen Tarawhiti, featuring the lovely Christie-Leigh Williams. 

 Model: Candy Lefrancois

Model: Candy Lefrancois

Here is a snapshot from this past summer - The photography for The Moonchild Tarot is underway. These are sneak peeks into the pre-editing. Most of these images will look very different from what you are seeing, and will be a combination of illustration also. Model: Jaime Claire Rose Boland. Shot by yours truly. Makeup by Candy Lefrancois.

Image for The Starchild Tarot second edition. The Emperor

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The Tarot sample deck!


The Tarot sample deck!


I am so pleased to have received the final sample deck in the mail!  The cards shown in this image have not been laminated and do not have the rounded edges yet. These were sent to me by the printers to go over the last details, with the cover of the box now revised with a new font and a little bit of extra magic. I keep prolonging the launch of the deck because I have been adding more and more information to the booklet (which comes inside of the box) and I cannot WAIT to show them to everyone. The box and cards will feature a smooth, satin matte finish with a sturdy box (lid and bottom) with a full length booklet inside with a nice smooth, colour printed cover. More information coming soon!